Tierney Conley

tierneyhalfTierney has been doing improv comedy since 2011 and is a 2015 Dallas Comedy House graduate. She is a student at the University of North Texas where she is majoring in Radio, Television, and Film. At UNT she is deeply involved with the UNT improv club, where she regularly performs, teaches curriculum, and organizes events. Tierney is also a part of UNT’s competitive improv troupe which travels and competes in the College Improv Tournament. The troupes she is currently involved with are Waiting for Tomorrow, a two person show, and Roll Out the Barrel, an improvised short film troupe. She also has a background in stand-up comedy and film acting. Improv is a passion for Tierney and she would one day like to make a career out of it and preferably not be homeless.