Noa Gavin


Noa Gavin is a writer/improvisor based in Dallas, TX.

She started improv training at Dallas Comedy House, and never looked back. Noa completed training at DCH and has worked under instructors from IO Chicago, Second City, Workaholics, and Four Day Weekend, and writers from Second City, Saturday Night Live, MAD TV and Key & Peele.

Noa got her start being professionally funny on her comedy blog, Oh Noa. She was chosen as BlogHer Humor Voice Of The Year in 2011 for Oh Noa.Noa has co-written and performed in 3 sketch shows: Various Artists, Good Morning Apocalypse, and Hired Gun. She coaches the 1995 Chicago Bulls, a JTS Brown improv team, and performs with Atlantic Pacific Billy, the DCH Book Club, and the storytelling show, “Gettin’ It.” You can see a portfolio of all her work at