Monica Phantharath

MPhantharathMonica Phantharath (pronounced Panther-wrath. Panther-ham will also be accepted) always thought she was funny. One day she decided to strengthen her one, good quality, so she enrolled in improv classes. Her first class at Dallas Comedy House proved that her classmates were infinitely funnier, smarter, and nicer than her, but instead of becoming a jealous psychopath, she fell in love with her classmates and DCH. She graduated from the improv program in December 2013 and the sketch program in September 2014. In addition to her training at DCH, she has taken workshops from instructors from iO, Second City, UCB, and Improv Boston. You’ll find Monica on stage with her improv troupe Duck Duck Pants or her sketch group Dream Team, behind the tech booth, or at the bar drinking her super cool, official speciality drink ‘The Monica.’

Monica’s current non-comedy related life goals are to become Anna Kendrick’s best friend, visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and figure out how to be a real adult. Any help to achieve these goals will be appreciated.