David Allison


David-Allison_Headshot-Color-1-LowResDavid Allison is the Theater Director of the Dallas Comedy House.  A 2011 graduate of the Dallas Comedy House conservatory, David has been improvising in the D/FW area since 2003.  During that time he’s performed in the Denver Improv Festival, Dallas Comedy Festival, Improv Festival Oklahoma, Oklahoma Winter Festivus, Omaha Improv Festival, Megaphone Marathons, Out of Bounds, and the College Improv Tournament.  He currently improvises with On-Time DeliveryDavid & Terry and The Rift.

David also loves writing!  He teaches sketch comedy at the Dallas Comedy House, directed the sketch revues For The BirdsIdiot Box, and January UP!.  David also directs the DCH Roast Series and Sensation: The Next Great Play.  He and Terry Catlett also created the radio plays Portrait of a Crime and Ho Ho Ho-OH NO.  In addition to the DCH stage, David has written pieces for Cyanide & Happiness, the DCH blog Rimshot!, and RISK! Storytelling.

You can follow David on Twitter @MrDavidAllison.