Christie Wallace

ChristieWallaceChristie Wallace has studied and performed at Dallas Comedy House since 2009.  She got a taste for the theatre at the early age of 12 and has been performing regularly ever since.  Christie is a graduate of the University of North Texas where she studied psychology, so working with a bunch of improvisers and comedians is right in her wheelhouse.  She has performed in the Megaphone Marathons in Dallas, Austin, and New Orleans, the Oklahoma Improv Festival, and the Dallas Comedy Festival 2010-2013.  As one of the original graduates of the DCH Training Center, Christie has been in many of the groundbreaking troupes that have come out of Dallas Comedy House.  She can currently be seen performing with Franzia, Cupcake, and Local Honey, and is a teacher at the DCH Training Center.  The only thing Christie loves more than improv are her three dogs.