Chad Haught

Chad has been improvising since 1994 where he helped start the long running improv group, Freudian Slip at Texas A&M University. He then lived in Chicago where he performed and studied improv at Improv Olympic and The Annoyance Theater.  Currently he lives in Dallas and teaches classes at Dallas Comedy House. He is the founder of Dallas’ based troupe, Pavlov’s Dogs, which he formed in 1998. Chad has performed in festivals all over the US and taken workshops from the likes of Del Close, Mick Napier, Armando Diaz, Charna Halpern, Joe Bill, Susan Messing, David Koechner and Adam McKay. He has also shaken hands with Conan O’Brien and has a framed autograph that says, “Chad, Stay Cool, Chris Farley”. When he’s not improvising, he likes to hang out with his wife, 3 kids and golden retriever.

Chad currently performs with Roadside Couch and Pavlov’s Dogs.