Becky Rentzel

BRentzelBecky Rentzel is a graduate of the Dallas Comedy House improv training program and has also taken advanced classes with Improv Dallas as well as at DCH with Kyle Austin. She learns different techniques from taking workshops. She has been inspired from experienced improvisers and instructors such as Craig Cackowski , Jamie Moyer, and Jacob Reed in local workshops. Becky first discovered her love for improv after attending a facilitation workshop, Facilitator’s Studio for work. She realized how the art of improvisation not only helps with leadership skills at work, but also how much it enhances her entire life.

Becky has been a member of Sleep Deprived and can currently be seen performing in an occasional Family Friendly show at DCH, with Shameless Pug, and recently was assigned to one of DCH’s newly formed Ewing troupes.