Alicia Sherrod

AliciaSherrodAlicia is a writer, performer, and photographer from Dallas, Tx. She began improv and theatrical acting at the age of 13. She started training in improv with the Dallas Comedy House where she has graduated from the program. She performs and writes regularly with Atlantic Pacific Billy on Saturdays along with performing with Radio Radio. She has also TA’d for all levels including coaching troupes at DCH. She has performed at multiple improv festivals including New York’s Del Close Marathon, Oklahoma Improv festival, Dallas Comedy Festival, and Austin’s Out of Bounds Festival. Alicia has worked with multiple instructors from IO Chicago, Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade, SNL, and Mad TV. When she’s not working at DCH she’s working with Atlantic Pacific Billy on sketch videos and shows. You can also find her taking photos along with Noa Gavin for HSproductions. You can find all of her work at and