Stand-up & Storytelling


Stand-up and Storytelling classes focus on individual comedic performance based off your personal experiences and observations. Though your final showcase is performed as a solo-act, throughout the class you work as a team: listening, laughing, and providing feedback to one-another to create the strongest show possible.

Level 1: Introduction to Stand-up Comedy
7 Week Course | $275 | Zero Experience Required
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This course is designed as a springboard for those interested in trying stand-up, but who are nervous or unsure where to start.Throughout the seven weeks, students prepare and refine a 5-minute set for open mics in front of an audience of their peers. Writing assignments, group discussions, and one-on-one coaching will aid students in beginning to find their unique comedic voice and express it onstage.This level culminates with students performing their sets at a stand-up showcase.

Level 2: Stand-Up Comedy
7 Week Course | $275 | Stand-Up Level 1 Required
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Building off skills learned in Stand-Up Level 1, Level 2 focuses on finding your unique voice as a stand-up comedian and developing your stage persona. This course requires students to see stand-up shows and attend open mics. Students will continue building out their set and, by the time class is finished, have a ten-minute set to perform in the student showcase.

Introduction to Storytelling
4 Week Course | $180 | Zero Experience Required
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In this course, students will learn the art of storytelling – from picking the right story to tell, to developing a compelling and personal narrative. The class consists of writing exercises, performance practice, and individualized coaching. Class culminates with a performance of students showcasing their stories for family and friends.