We believe the rules of improv – to support one another, to build off ideas, and to think outside the box – are the building blocks for all comedic art forms. Our improv program consists of five levels, each designed to deepen one’s understanding of improvisational comedy and to improve group and individual performance. All students interested in our improv program must begin at Level 1, regardless of previous experience.

Level 1: Introduction to Improv
7 Week Course | $275 | Zero Experience Required
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This level introduces the fundamental skills and vocabulary of long form improvisation. Students learn how to say “yes, and,” work together, and building interesting, grounded scenes. At the end of the seven weeks, the class performs in a student showcase for friends and family.

Level 2: Improv Devices
7 Week Course | $275 | Improv Level 1 Required
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Once you are familiar with the basics of improv we focus on developing your personal strengths. We explore character, dynamics, and status to help you identify your role in each scene. We take a closer look at what happens at the top of a scene and how it can guide your choices. This level helps to build your confidence and skills to work within an ensemble.

Level 3: The Ewing
7 Week Course | $275 | Improv Level 2 Required
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This level introduces The Ewing format to all students as a way to structure a smart and entertaining show. Within The Ewing format, students works on identifying patterns and using devices to find possible directions based off of the information at the very top of the show.

Level 4: Group Mind
7 Week Course | $275 | Improv Level 3 Required
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In this course, students learn the concept of the group mind and put it into practice. By learning how to be vulnerable and supporting one another unconditionally, this level strengthens the cohesiveness of the group while deepening individual performance.

Level 5: Building a Better Show
7 Week Course | $275 | Improv Level 4 Required
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Understanding the dynamics of an ensemble is vital to performing great improv. The focus of this class is to identify and use the strengths of the ensemble and work together to discover your organic, unified voice. A culmination of the curriculum in levels 1-4 is reviewed while learning how to take your long form improv skills to the next level by building a better show.