Dallas Comedy House is the premier training center and performance venue for comedy in Dallas! We have affordable, quality shows five nights a week. We also house a training center with classes in improv, sketch and production. Our creative team hosts everything from workshops for small, local business to large scale video and sketch productions for fortune 500 companies.

DCH News

Doing Dallas: Now Walk It Out Each week, this Virginian will try a new Dallasite activity and blog about the experience. There are few things I dislike more than waking up early or working out; among them are tonsillectomies, catheters, and paper cuts to the eye. So, when I found out about this next Dallas tradition, I was initially hesitant because it involved waking up early TO ...  Continue Reading
Watch: DCH Short Film Contest Submissions From August and September The DCH Short Film Contest began in August. Since then, we’ve seen some great videos that feature some of DFW’s best talents. However, not everyone may have seen the entries and winners. Now you can. Today, eat lunch at your desk and watch the following videos. Maybe you’ll get inspired to enter October’s contest. The theme for this month is “nightmare,” and entries ...  Continue Reading
#Ashtag Week 13: Into the Woods with a Full Moon and Some Lace I bet this lady is celebrating a 13th anniversary. Thirteen. Spooky. According to Hallmark’s website, the traditional gift for a 13th anniversary is lace. Sexy. Also according to Hallmark, the modern gift for a 13th anniversary is “textile furs.” I put “textile furs” in quotations, because it was a question-inducing pair of words to me. I searched this phrase on Google to find out more. ...  Continue Reading