Dallas Comedy House is the premier training center and performance venue for comedy in Dallas! We have affordable, quality shows five nights a week. We also house a training center with classes in improv, sketch and production. Our creative team hosts everything from workshops for small, local business to large scale video and sketch productions for fortune 500 companies.

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In Defense of Safe DJing By Sarah Mowery Dangerous in the wrong hands. Right now I’m listening to my favorite mindless yet groovy playlist. A little bit of Biggie and CCR mixed in with some Lana Del Rey and plenty of Rolling Stones, with just a hint of early 00s nostalgia, a healthy dose of Motown, and, of course, “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen since, as ...  Continue Reading
#Ashtag Week 3: Vangents, Tinder, and More Sports By Ashley Bright Okay, let’s hit it. If you’ve read my previous two installments then you are already aware of what we’re doing here. If you haven’t, please allow me to give you a brief rundown. I am not up to date on popular culture. In an effort to not remain completely out of touch from the rest of the world, ...  Continue Reading
Nerdy Comic Con Preview By Mike Corbett Rejoice nerds, for the San Diego Comic Con is nearly upon us! This weekend, people will come from all over the world for one of the biggest pop culture gatherings on the planet.   We’ll get the latest news and biggest announcements in the worlds of movies, TV, video games, comics and more, all under one roof.   It’s a ...  Continue Reading