Dallas Comedy House is the premier training center and performance venue for comedy in Dallas! We have affordable, quality shows five nights a week. We also house a training center with classes in improv, sketch and production. Our creative team hosts everything from workshops for small, local business to large scale video and sketch productions for fortune 500 companies.

DCH News

Troupe Talk: Roadside Couch Pop quiz. Choose a couch to learn more about your personality! A “barely used” couch on Craigslist A spanking new, modern couch from the oh-so-trendy C&B The one in your buddie’s living room (aka your current place of residence) The roadside couch…you know, the one on the side of the road If you chose: SILLY YOU. Don’t you read the news? #creepercentral SILLY YOU. You paid too Continue Reading
Tommy The first time I defected, I tried the AM Crunchwrap with bacon. For those who are unfamiliar, the AM Crunchwrap is a burrito tortilla with eggs, bacon, and cheese piled in the center, then topped with a crunchy hash brown. The tortilla is then folded over the hash brown and grilled, creating a handheld breakfast. The AM Crunchwrap with bacon was Continue Reading
The DCH Diaries: The Passion of Sarah Imagine what you would do with 27 hours every day instead of the usual 24. Would you get more sleep? Play with the dog? Work overtime? Start a Tumblr? Oh, wait. I forget who’s reading this blog: you’d join another troupe or take another class at the Dallas Comedy House (DCH) or wrangle some additional stage time. Yeah, I got your Continue Reading
Comedy Centerfold: Jonda Robinson Welcome to Comedy Centerfold, where we feature a Dallas Comedy House performer and get to know him or her a little better by using questions that Playboy centerfolds are usually asked.  Jonda Robinson knows how to use a comma, and for that I respect her. She’s also a reader of books. I’m sure she’s a good reader of people, as well, but we’ve yet Continue Reading